Studioteka’s Cosmetic Dentistry Office Build-Out Construction Progress!

April 18, 2019
Two of Studioteka’s very capable architects at the job site!
Framing out the wall around temporary cabinetry in the dental hygienists’ rooms until the custom millwork is complete.
Using a laser to hang the new ceiling level. This wall is going to be getting a window in the top to allow more natural light into the space. This project is being done on the days that the practice is closed, allowing this thriving business to maintain its operations during construction.
Another view of the framing for the thick wall with integrated cabinetry (temporary cabs visible) between the two dental hygienist spaces. In an older building, sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs (or disconnected fluorescent fixtures) lie, especially when they will be hidden by a drop ceiling!
Hanging the new ceiling in the new consult room!
Preparing the walls in the consult room where the dentist’s new custom cabinetry will hang. LED panels have been selected based on warm light (corridors and common areas) vs. the cooler light which is necessary for color correction on dental work. The shades of blue seen on the wall are our swatches–blue helps the dental staff reset their eyes when doing careful whitening and color matching work.
New consult room and lab have framing up showing doorways and clerestory windows which, along with translucent glass doors, will allow natural light to filter through to the corridor beyond. Test swatches of the blue color we will use in the rooms can be seen in the background.