2100 VR

The possibilities are endless!


Studioteka has provided consulting services for our clients across a broad range of categories.

We generate robust analyses supported by innovative research, while keeping a sharp focus on the details. Services range from feasibility studies, program research, and investment packages for different project types, including large scale resort developments, urban revitalization projects and performing arts centers. We do our utmost to emphasize sustainability, adaptive reuse, and care for the environment. 


We believe in the power of VR to enhance people’s understanding of the environment and spur them to positive action in their own lives, communities, and the world.

Through our new sister company, Tekamundi, we are providing consulting services in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). We are also developing 2100, an open-world game inspired by the book, “2100: A Dystopian Utopia–The City after Climate Change” by Vanessa Keith and Studioteka. The game will bring the exciting cities of 2100 to life in the metaverse.

Feasibility, Market, and Impact Studies

We provide investment consulting and market research for projects of varying scales, which range from commercial to performing arts.

Our previously completed projects include a feasibility study and investment package for a 250-room hotel and a high-end vertical mall with 150 shops on a 16 acre waterfront site. Additionally, we provided program research and development for a rainforest eco-community which combines hospitality, wellness and residential programs located on a beautiful 200 acre site.

Caribe Hostel was another market study and investment consulting project for the renovation and conversion of a former warehouse into a 120 bed youth hostel with two restaurants, a rooftop bar and coworking spaces in Jamaica.


We're obsessed with climate solutions that safeguard our environment. Managing and attempting to limit the effects of global warming should be our biggest project.

We completed a feasibility study, program research and design, and investment package for a beautiful eco-community in Costa Rica. Programs include luxury condominiums, single family villas, a high-end resort hotel, a guest house, a wellness and yoga retreat, a rainforest park and activities that link guests with the local community and the outdoors. The streams and pond on the site are part of a system of constructed wetlands, collecting and harvesting rainfall, and thereby allowing the landscape to function as an ecological park. Buildings are carefully placed within the landscape and oriented to take advantage of views and cool sea breezes.

Master Planning/Lighting Design

We have experience collaborating with multidisciplinary teams on master planning work as lighting design project managers.

We have worked in collaboration with lighting designers Herve Descottes, of L’Observatoire International, and Leni Schwendinger, of Light Projects Ltd. and ARUP. Projects for which we have provided lighting design project management and consulting services include the University of Puerto Rico’s 25-year Masterplan, along with SOM Architects, Field Operations Landscape Architects, and Ove Arup Engineersthe Brickell Key and Asia Tower projects for Swire Properties; a competition for a large-scale residential development with over 100 buildings and 25,000 residents, for a major developer with Peter Walker Landscape Architects, Bruce Mau Design, and Scogin/Elam Architects; and the City of Dreams, a $2.8 billion USD project located in Macau on the Cotai Strip in Macau, with the Jerde Group and Arquitectonica. 

Urban Planning

We can look at how we construct cities and try to live in balance with the rest of the planet. If we can solve that we’ve nailed it.

Studioteka does urban planning and design, as well as architecture.
For example, over a four-year period (2009-2013) Studioteka spearheaded an effort aimed at exploring the potential of inclusive growth and participatory development for Kingston Harbor and Downtown Kingston. This multi-year project illustrates the firm’s approach to the complexity of urban design work: it is interdisciplinary, interprofessional, participatory and inclusive.

We brought together perspectives and practices that too often remain separate to the detriment of the project: interdisciplinary teams; insider and outsider perspectives; understanding local issues through both local and international lenses; examining new ideas from abroad for their applicability to the Kingston context; practical and creative ways to solve problems in such fields as energy, waste management, transportation, housing and infrastructure; new economic activities and engines of growth based upon an analysis of the strengths and potential of the local context.

For our more futuristic and climate related vision for the cities of the future, see 2100: A Dystopian Utopia — The City After Climate Change and 2100VR.