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We view the design process as collaboration between architect and client, an ongoing conversation in which a balance is achieved among a variety of factors, such as site conditions, material properties, and the specific needs of the users of the space. We believe that the key to a great work of architecture lies in this critical interaction, and that an enlightened client is as important as an inspired architect. The work of Studioteka is ideas based as well as driven by the more practical concerns of program, schedule, budget and construction. Special attention is given to specific characteristics of the site, ensuring that projects both accentuate and integrate with their surroundings, blending old and new elements sustainably. In this way, we are able to address the particular needs of the client and the singular qualities of place, resulting in work which finds its expression in a unique blending of light, materials, and environment.
Studioteka works with a wide range of clients providing services in architecture interior and urban design, feasibility studies, program development, economic, environmental and market research, and investor packages designed to assist in attracting financing and equity partners for projects. We are passionate about green, sustainable, ecologically friendly design and in doing our part for the future of the planet.
At the beginning of a project, we work with our team and a talented network of partners to provide Introductory Design and Investment Phase Consulting Services such as: review of different program options for economic and business viability, business plan review in preparation for investor and partner meetings, identification of and liaison with different types of potential partners based upon our findings, and finally facilitating the client’s efforts to generate interest in the project by identifying potential sources of investment and financing. Services may include:
  • Brainstorming and feasibility study to determine just the right mix of project elements
  • Case study analysis of notable projects to identify successful project models and untapped opportunities
  • Exploration and definition of target markets and potential competitors
  • Business plan analysis
  • Research pertaining to potential business partnerships with existing companies whose products and services will add to the profitability and viability of the current project
  • Facilitation of business relationships to maximize company profits through complementary services
  • Zoning and building code analysis to identify potential conflicts as well as opportunities
  • Implementation strategy and project phasing
  • Creation of a Project Plan or Prospectus Book including construction budget, schedule and phasing, as well as preliminary design work and renderings to showcase the project for potential investors
  • Assistance with investor contacts and financing
Once a project has full funding, Studioteka offers complete design services, from Pre-Design through Construction Administration, to ensure that projects get built the way we and our clients have envisioned them. During Pre- and Schematic Design, multiple schemes are developed that allow us to explore different design options with our clients. This may range from overall building or space planning schemes at the start, to alternate layouts of different areas within the program. In consultation with our clients, we work to design the major project elements and narrow down to the preferred design scheme. We also assist the builder or cost consultant with the creation of a construction budget and schedule, which is updated and refined as the project moves through subsequent phases and becomes more well-defined.
In the Design Development phase, specific equipment, fixtures and furnishings are incorporated into the drawing set, including technical systems and information from key consultants such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, lighting designers, or landscape architects. During Construction Documents, the next phase, details are resolved, the set becomes more refined and is turned into working drawings and specifications for final pricing and construction. If a contractor is not already in place, Studioteka will assist clients with the Bidding and Negotiation phase, and we provide full services during the construction process. Throughout Contract Administration, we review and approve shop drawings as well as the Contractor’s requests for payment. We also make regular site visits to ensure that construction is in agreement with the design intent of the drawings. During this phase we can either establish a field office on-site, or work in close collaboration with the local team with site visits at key points during the construction sequence. Studioteka is firmly committed to providing the best results to our clients, and we thoroughly enjoy facilitating and sharing in their success.
The office is also actively engaged in pursuing independent research and development as a means of furthering our knowledge base. For example, “Clip-On Architecture,” a project on tropical deforestation and potential solutions to the climate crisis, involved an international research and design team and resulted in a lecture at the School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University as well as two articles featured in Urban Omnibus and cited in the Huffington Post. This research also formed the basis of our book, “2100: A Dystopian Utopia — The City After Climate Change,” released in January 2017 by Terreform, edited by Michael Sorkin and with a preface by Saskia Sassen.
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Vanessa Keith, RA – Principal

Vanessa Keith, MArch, MIA, is a registered architect and the Principal of Studioteka, an award-winning design firm she founded in 2003….