Highlights from summer 2017 at Studioteka!

August 13, 2017

We’ve had so much fun this summer taking ideas from our book on climate change to the next level in VR! Working with the Glimpse Group and Astoria Park Alliance to bring the world of 2100 to a VR/AR experience in Astoria Park, as well as laying the groundwork for a productive fall and turning some of the cities in the book into animations for a sizzle reel. Go Studioteka Team!

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Taking over the streets of DUMBO!
Group picture after our 2100: VR and Sizzle Reel presentations!
 Feedback and commentary with the venerable Michael Sorkin and Cecilia Fagel, 
of Terreform
Sizzle reel video work, ongoing!
Meeting at the Glimpse Group to discuss VR/AR with some friends.
Group meeting on our animations for 2100!
Members of our team, working hard!
Members of our team, hard at work!
A normal day at the office in our beautiful loft in DUMBO.
Brainstorming on an international Skype call.
Another successful meeting!
Brainstorming session!

Fun in VR at the Glimpse Group’s offices.

First time in VR!
2100 New York experienced in 360 degrees of virtual reality.

2100 VR demo at our office.
2100 New York animation in progress.
Go team!