2100: Johannesburg Animations!

February 3, 2021

Designing from an Afrofuturistic standpoint means centering perspectives that have been too often overlooked and which provide a dynamic way forward for us all in tackling the climate crisis. This wisdom is both ancient and innovative at the same time and is firmly grounded in traditional approaches that value hybridity, fluidity, and adaptability. 2100 Johannesburg is an elevated settlement containing buildings and infrastructure that are hybrid both in use and organization. This vibrant and activated site contains residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, as well as renewable energy generation, green transportation, and urban farming and permaculture. In this eco-futurist visioning, the built environment has become one with its surrounding natural context, and the buildings themselves are an inviting habitat for plants and weaver birds, buzzing and humming full of life. Energy, food, and local culture are integrally connected to the landscape, while the market is a hub for local cultural events and spontaneous happenings. By combining time-honored practices and local wisdom with emerging technologies and techniques, we construct dynamic Afrofuturistic visioning for this city of millions.