Women’s Studio Workshop Annual Board Brunch!

November 11, 2019

Pleased at seeing the continued growth and positive developments at the Annual Women’s Studio Workshop Board Brunch! Took a day trip from NYC to Rosendale for an afternoon of great art, tasty food, and lively conversation that included a campus tour, new artwork on display, and even new real estate. Happy to be a part of this great organization!

Board members, family, friends, and staff look at the latest artists’ book from WSW’s founders.
Wearing gloves when handling the books is a must in order to protect them.
Your leader could be a tyrant. How to tell.
He started all news broadcasts by descending from heaven.
To those who refuse the dichotomy of citizen and alien.
He was a connoisseur of garlic, the elixir of life, his breath alone kept allies at bay.
Some of the inks used in the printmaking studio.
This is where some of WSW’s magic happens!
This room is filled with beautiful light and palpable creativity.
To those for whom the horizon leans forward.
His wife loved shoes. I needed all those stolen billions to buy her more.
To those who embrace groundlessness, multiplicity, fluidity and change.
In lockstep with Hitler he moved the clocks back to be like other dictators.
WSW now has a mug library where some of the ceramics studio’s work can be checked out and enjoyed by community members
More mugs! Which one would you choose?
The outside of the original WSW building which houses the printmaking studio immediately behind the glass storefront.
These beautiful images are made up of translucent layers that are hung by delicate invisible thread.
The near portrait from the image above seen from the front view.
Here’s a frontal view of one of them.
The same portrait seen from the side, fascinating stuff!
This face seemed the most mysterious of the three.
Mysterious eyes from the artist’s mother’s old passport photo.
One of the houses on Binnewater Lane.
A new building recently acquired for WSW’s growing campus!
More nearby buildings up the lane from WSW’s main buildings.
Some WSW accommodations for staff and artists.
The letterpress studio!