Studioteka is proud to announce the upcoming soft opening of Sac’s Place restaurant in Astoria!

September 9, 2019

Studioteka is pleased to announce the upcoming soft opening of Sac’s Place at Kaufman Studios, Astoria! The opening night is tentatively scheduled for this coming Wednesday and we couldn’t be happier. Some of our renders are below, stay tuned for finished shots! Come eat, drink and be merry with the best homemade Italian food this side of the Atlantic! Located at 35-11 35th Avenue in Astoria, Queens!

Here is a rendered view of the dining room looking towards the entry. The bar is behind the screen on your left and a row of windows are above the banquettes and seating to the right. This space is partially subterranean and has a lot of history, including a photo we found of silent screen legend Rudolph Valentino in costume taking a break from shooting where the original tile wall can be seen. The design team took the challenge of integrating some of the original historic touches into the redesign while brightening up the space and giving it a much needed facelift. We added a new tin ceiling with a floral detail that closely mirrors a detail on the antique tile wall, ripped out the old carpeting, painted and refinished everything including the wood moldings, and installed a black and white checkered tile floor to create a beautiful space that is a new spin on an Italian classic. Check back here for finished shots of the space from opening night!
This view is looking towards the windows, which are very high on the wall. We wanted to somehow bring the horizon line down a bit to the level of the diners, so a series of midnight blue shutters along the wall were added that will be uplit from behind the banquettes. We also added a twist on an Italian classic, the black and white checkered floor! The white in the floor tile gives added brightness to the space and also opens it up vertically, making it feel taller and grander than before our intervention.
This view looks towards the bar, and the original wood paneling that separates the main dining room from the bar.
This is what we like to call a ‘render and after’ with the rendering on the left, and the space under construction to the right. Can’t wait for the opening, check back here and we’ll share photos of the finished space!