Studioteka checks progress on our West Village apartment interiors project!

July 31, 2019

Studioteka is pleased at the continued progress on our collaboration with Ideas Dec on this beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 -1/2 bath West Village apartment of approximately 2,000 sf. New soffits for recessed lighting are being installed along the beams in the vaulted concrete ceiling, and the windows are being prepped for the installation of custom shutters we designed. Two full height custom millwork pieces are being built off site by our millwork contractor, and will be installed in the space once the general contractor has finished his portion of the work. Go team!

Floors are protected, and the build out of the soffits for recessed lighting is under way
Checking the mock up of the custom shutters. This is how far it will protrude from the window in its new mounting location
Calculating the location of the new hanging strip that will be installed
Studioteka team member ensuring that the millwork and GC contractors carefully coordinate work on the windows
This is a mini version of the final shutter, placed in the location where it will eventually be mounted
Contractor’s foreman and one of the crew discussing the ceiling design
We used a laser to locate the soffit above two windows with an idiosyncratic ceiling condition and also used 3D modeling to show the crew our design intention.
The existing beams are not a uniform distance from the ceiling, so lasers are used to ensure a level datum and the soffits are slightly different to accommodate
The crew showing us the new level datum
Setting up the laser to project a straight line over the angled ceiling structure for the new lighting soffit by the windows
These frames will have drywall attached to the sides next week in preparation for the electrician
GC and millwork crew looking at the location for a custom wall unit that will take up this entire wall
Walk through progress meeting was a success. Check back here for future updates!