Vanessa Keith on “Sandy Five Years On: Has the Climate Changed?” at the Spitzer School of Architecture. Thank you!

November 9, 2017

Great individual presentations and a very animated panel discussion on the topic: Sandy, Five Years On: Has the Climate Changed? At CCNY’s Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture on Monday, November 6th! Thanks to Michael Sorkin and Vyjayanthi Rao of Terreform, and fellow panelists and UR authors Denise Hoffman Brandt and Catherine Seavitt Nordensen!

Talking about our current climate change trajectory, and how we must fix that!

A moment of levity in a dynamic and thought provoking panel discussion!

Discussing why the middle band of the world won’t be all that suited to large scale populations if we go to 4 degrees of warming…

More questions for the panel!

Michael Sorkin, our illustrious publisher, making the introductions!

Talking about the value in things we currently throw away.