Thanks to all for a successful book launch!

December 21, 2016
Thanks very much for all who came out to support us at this very successful event! Our book is launched, and you can order it here!
The room was packed, the energy was palpable, and the discussion and questions were insightful and thought provoking. Many heartfelt thanks to Michael Sorkin, Principal of Sorkin Studio and Terreform, and Director of Graduate Urban Design at the City College of New York, for his unflagging support for my work and our mission, Gordon Douglas, Acting Director of IPK, the home of Rebuild by Design, for being a gracious and generous host, Cecilia Fagel, Executive Editor at Terreform, for endless hours of feedback and patient revisions, and to Winka Dubbeldam, Founder/Principal of Archi-Tectonics and Chair of Penn Design, and Eric W. Sanderson, Senior Conservation Ecologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo and director of the Welikia Project and the Mannahatta Project, for their generous participation and insightful and intelligent contributions as discussants. Couldn’t have done it without you!


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