Vanessa quoted in Huffington Post and Fast Company!

April 3, 2010
Vanessa and the work of Studioteka are featured in the Huffington Post and Fast Company!
“Vanessa Keith has written an outstanding post about the greening of urban buildings and neighborhoods on the blog Urban Omnibus, a project of the Architectural League of New York. She begins by noting that “tabula rasa eco-cities trumpeting their green credentials and high levels of environmental sustainability” are being built or proposed across the globe (see, for example, near the end of this post), and queries: “one might ask, with all the urban fabric which currently exists, why build at all, and most especially on such a massive scale?” Instead, Keith suggests that we add green features to the places we already have.”


Read about our groundbreaking ideas on reforesting cities, sustainable design and urban retrofit : “Instead of building new sustainable places, let’s green the ones we have” here and “The Age of the Urban Retrofit: Reversing Climate Change, One Green Roof at a Time” here.
Studioteka’s research on global warming and reforesting cities featured along with two articles by Vanessa Keith on Urban Omnibus. See links here and here.