Vanessa Presents at La Casita Verde Community Garden in Williamsburg!

September 21, 2017

Talking about climate change, cities, and the year 2100 at La Casita Verde in Brooklyn! Think global, act local has never been more relevant. Thanks to Brooke Singer for the invite!

Talking about the future of cities and what we can do to create positive change.


The Children’s Garden at La Casita Verde.


Getting set up for a talk at La Casita Verde community garden!


Locally grown produce, composting, and soon, a greenhouse.


Beautiful flowers! 


Planting beds and a beautiful yield at La Casita Verde.


Beautiful basil! We had fresh tomatoes, pesto, and a lovely spread grown right here in the garden! 


There’s a lot of goodness you can pack into a city lot.


Thanks so much to Brooke Singer, of La Casita Verde, for organizing!