Vanessa Keith and Studioteka will be featured in an upcoming documentary on visionary future cities. Watch this space!

June 25, 2021

A film crew came to shoot an interview with Vanessa in our office for an upcoming documentary on the future of cities! What’s in store for the cities of tomorrow? Can’t wait to see the end result! Thanks so much to the fantastic team at Studioteka for their work in VR for this important project, and for @sharonbecker for the fantastic job she did helping Vanessa get camera ready for the interview today.

Doing lighting and sound check prior to starting the interview!
More sound check! Fun fact: some of the crew had just been on a shoot with the Real Housewives in the Caribbean!
More checks and tests of equipment and lighting
The view from the chair. There was a light behind this sheet with a grid over it to have better control over the light in the space
The screen seen from the other side with the light source
More of the view from the chair. Because of Covid restrictions the interviewers were in a separate space and asked their questions remotely via Zoom.
Pre-interview chatting with the folks on Zoom and the crew!
More pre-interview setup!
As architects we are endlessly fascinated by equipment like this!
Relaxed and happy afterwards, phew!