Studioteka’s Aladdin Hookah Lounge work in progress!

May 17, 2018

Some progress shots playing with light and shapes in our hookah lounge project, scheduled to open next week plus imagery of some creative chaos at the upholstery shop where our banquettes are being made. In progress but almost done, stay tuned for more pics! Got a cool hospitality, restaurant or nightlife concept to throw our way? Contact us!

Wall and ceiling coves almost finished, first (almost) full lighting test!

Blue light on the ceiling and warm reds and oranges on the walls gives the space a real glow.

The texture of the brick with the lighting washing down is a nice effect.

Reds, oranges and blues are definitely what works best in this space.

This was happening earlier in the day!

Space quickly coming together with all the banquette bases stacked in the middle of the room.

Banquette bases moved into place for the arrival of the upholsterers.

The front of the space seen from inside the VIP room!

First light cove test in red!

Light cove test in purple!

Light cove test with whitewashed brick and green LEDs!

Whitewashed brick and purple LEDs!

White brick and white light!

Looking for the best placement location for installing the color LEDs around the VIP room.

And found the perfect spot!

Test with green color LEDs.

Wall coves coming along nicely!

Here we’ll have light washing down the brick wall from the cove, and up from the back of the banquettes.

Mock up of banquette back with slot for LED light strip.

Seats done, backs next!

Testing out the first complete mock up, not bad!

Work in progress!

Ceiling cove color test in purple, the surface is flat but looks almost round here because of the placement of the light.

And green!

Red was the real show stopper here, and much more impressive in real life!

Red on red behind the bar, this one feels very abstract!

Painting progress!

Nightlife is all about light and color, and we’re having a lot of fun designing this space. Stay tuned for more progress and the finished result!