Studioteka designs bright, new branded space for Little Bird HR!

September 20, 2019

Studioteka recently completed this bright and bold office for Little Bird HR in Manhattan. Here are the renderings, our initial visualization of the design for the space, and lastly the end results! Studioteka designed different workspaces for their team and recharged the office suite by introducing the company’s graphics and colors, magenta and yellow, to animate the space. We are thrilled with the results and proud to be a part of Little Bird’s success. Ask us what we can do for you!

The image above shows the view toward the private office on the left and conference room on the right, seen from the general workspace
Above is a rendering of the conference room, with Little Bird’s signature yellow on an accent wall and ample space for brainstorming sessions!
On the left is our rendering of the private office, and on the right is the finished space just after move in day
The general workspace seen from the private office, prior to our install of the acoustical ceiling panels
This rendered view shows one of our initial concepts for the lounge that sits opposite the kitchen at the entry to the space
Above can be seen one of our initial concepts for the general workspace looking towards thhe lounge and the entry to the suite
Above can be seen the lounge, shortly after move in day
The images above show the space shortly after move in day, and after the installation of the acoustical ceiling panels that brighten the space