Studioteka checks progress on our 3,000 sf restaurant design for the new Sac’s Place at Kaufman Astoria Studios!

August 14, 2019

Studioteka is pleased to be a part of the next chapter of Sac’s Place! This successful Astoria favorite has been serving home cooked Italian recipes passed down for generations for the past 30 years. Now they’re expanding into a beautiful new 3,000 sf home designed by Studioteka at Kaufman Studios in Long Island City! Opening night is in about two weeks so wish the team luck and stay tuned for updates!

New tin ceiling is installed along with freshly painted wood paneling!
We lightened up the space considerably with this classic black and white check floor tile and a tin ceiling that will beautifully reflect candlelight for the diners
The existing yellow and blue wall tile was an original detail that presented a design challenge to the team. A photo hangs in the space of Rudolph Valentino, a famous Italian American silent film actor, taking a break in between takes. The same tile is visible in the background of the shot. So it had to stay, and we like to think it’s in even better company now!
Still in the process of determining what kind of a screen will go right here at the entry and also by the shelf bar that separates the bar area from the dining room
Here you can see the entry stair which goes up to the street from the dining room
The restaurant is subterranean, with windows high up on the wall. The area in between the original tile had large photographs on it, and no tile underneath. What to do? We added a series of shutters along the wall to bring the visual datum of the window down into the space! These will be uplit from behind the banquettes.
The delicate detail of the tin ceiling emulates a floral detail on the tile and helps to hold the space together
Here you see the original tile with the banquettes and the dark indigo blue shutters
Old and new flooring between the dining room and bar areas. Doing this kind of design where we keep some existing elements and add new ones is a lot more work than just gutting a space and starting from scratch, but we’re more than up to the challenge. Can’t wait for opening day!