West Village Pied-à-Terre

Located in the West Village, this three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath pied-à-terre incorporates mid-century modern elements, including soft grays, subtle textures, punchy metals, and natural wood finishes. Throughout the open living, dining, kitchen, and bedroom spaces are bespoke red oak shutters that allow for changes in natural lighting conditions and views. Lower panels with operable louvers can be closed for privacy, while the upper ones can stay open, allowing natural light to permeate throughout. Louis Poulsen recessed fixtures were placed in newly installed soffits along the beams of the historic barrel-vaulted ceiling, creating soft and beautiful lighting effects within the space. Two custom built-ins were designed for the living room and dining area: both with painted-white wainscoting details to complement the white walls, forest green accents, and the warmth of the herringbone-patterned white oak floors. The custom bookcase was designed to accommodate a sofa and original artwork in the living room. LED lighting and two decorative sconces were integrated into the unit’s display shelving, highlighting the reading nook and decor. The dining room has a custom television console. The TV is flush-mounted into a fabric scrim with storage cabinetry below. In the kitchen, an antique set of copper light fixtures were placed above the marble island, complementing and illuminating the intricate metal details and stone countertops. This elegant project was the result of a wonderful collaboration between the client, Studioteka, Ideas Dec, Fine Artisan Furnishings, and Tumen Construction.

View of the living room looking towards one of the custom millwork pieces designed especially for the space. LED lighting is integrated into the unit’s display shelving. Custom shutters were designed for all 12 windows, and Louis Poulsen recessed fixtures were carefully placed in soffits along the beams of the apartment’s historic barrel-vaulted ceilings.

The hidden storage is revealed in this close-up of the custom built-in.


The light illuminates into the space, reflecting onto the glass coffee table and furnishings.

A close-up of the beautiful wainscoting detail and decor in the reading nook.

A view from the living room to the custom built-in television console in the dining area.

A view of the dining area and another floor-to-ceiling custom millwork piece designed for the space. Red oak custom shutters allow light and views into the space to be carefully modulated. Recessed Poulsen fixtures give a natural daylight effect, illuminating this gorgeous residential space.

Another view of the dining area. We love that the custom shutters offer so much flexibility in terms of modulating light and views into the rooms.

A view of one of the custom millwork pieces designed especially for the space. The TV is flush-mounted within a fabric screen with storage cabinetry below.

A closer look at the millwork detail of the television console.

Another view of the TV console cabinetry.

The shutters’ versatility allows for the wonderful views out to West Village.

A zoom-in to the custom red oak louvres detail.

The shutters changing to allow for different views out and light to fall within!

Another view out to West Village with the shutters half-open.

The kitchen with a new set of gray cabinetry to complement the metal fixtures and herringbone-patterned flooring.

A set of antique copper light fixtures placed above the island complementing the marble countertop and illuminating the space.

Another view of the barrel-vaulted ceiling near the shutters. The ceiling was designed to accommodate for the opening and closing of the shutters.

A glimpse into one of the bedrooms. The charcoal grays and cream colors pair well with the warm tones of the natural wood.

This dark wood nightstand next to the gray polyester headboard holds a modern brass lamp fixture.

A close-up of the mid-century modern natural wood dresser in the bedroom.

A set of twin beds back-to-back custom-made specifically for the other bedroom.

Here’s a glimpse into the primary bedroom. We love that the custom red oak shutters bring ambient lighting into the space.

The antique brass lamps sit on the dark wood nightstands next to the gray polyester headboard.

View from the primary bathroom to the primary bedroom.

Primary bathroom.

The brass pulls of the sink vanity coordinate with the medicine cabinets, light fixtures, and the cabinet and door hardware.

Stainless steel accents of the fixtures and hardware pair well with the light gray wall tiles and the rich black floor tiles. The brass accents from the primary bathroom are carried into the design of the guest bathrooms for aesthetic continuity.

View of the guest bathroom.