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3_Museum grove canopy lightingMuseum grove canopy lighting


Studioteka was retained as the lead design consultant and project manager for L’Observatoire International, the firm of acclaimed lighting designer Herve Descottes, on a lighting design masterplan for the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. The overall project team also included Field Operations Landscape Architects, Skidmore Owens and Merril, Ove Arup and Tor Ferrer Architects to complete a phased, 25 year multi-faceted approach to campus wide improvements.
The Masterplan’s scope creates conditions for restricting the vehicular circulation in the core area of the campus while remedying pedestrian and vehicular circulation conflicts, to create new parking places, and to give the campus and the surrounding Rio Pedras neighborhood a new and dynamic residential character, spearheading growth throughout the immediate region, and linking the University to its neighbors. With this goal in mind, this Plan also considers how to enhance cultural programs on campus and throughout Rio Piedras to further supplement residential development in these areas and to engage the surrounding neighborhoods through direct development and the creation of several public/private partnerships.


22_Facade lighting libraryFacade lighting library


The lighting aspect of the project consists of four main components: the three quarter mile long Campus Walk, or main pedestrian artery, the Loop; a new vehicular ring surrounding the campus; the Historic and New Gateways, which are the two main approaches; and the Edges–outlying areas at the periphery. Nighttime illumination intensifies the properties, textures, and colors of the campus as an environment, while vertical and horizontal massing of primary architectural elements and landscape features create icons in the nightscape. The Campus Walk serves as a major axis and pedestrian walkway, a place of chance meetings, socializing and informal learning. The lighting design of the Walk is a layered approach. Direct and indirect lighting of the tree canopies emphasizes the long axis of the walk, with a bright middle at the central Student Plaza and anchored on either end with areas of lesser brightness.


23_Facade lighting museumFacade lighting museum


24_Facade lighting museumFacade lighting museum


26_Facade lighting historic quadFacade lighting historic quad


1_Canopy walk and facade lighting diagramCanopy walk and facade lighting diagram


4_Canopy lighting_direct and indirectCanopy lighting_direct and indirect


7_Campus walk lighting planCampus walk lighting plan


9_Centenario park lighting planCentenario park lighting plan


10_Centenario park plan enlargedCentenario park plan enlarged


11_Centenario part_quad and pond viewsCentenario park_quad and pond views


12_Loop lighting planLoop_lighting plan


13_Loop sectionsLoop sections


15_Historic and new gatewaysHistoric and new gateways


18_Historic gateway planHistoric gateway plan


16_New gateway planNew gateway plan


19_Edges_parking planEdges_parking plan


20_Edges parking plan enlargedEdges parking plan enlarged