Ndulge Restaurant

Restaurant view

Located in Pennsylvania, this 8,000 square foot restaurant space holds an entry bar, main dining area, sushi bar and cigar lounge on one level, and a lounge with DJ booth and banquette seating on another.  The client, a chef who grew up in the restaurant industry with several other venues under his belt, wanted a design which would serve many different functions under one roof, creating the possibility of moments of intimacy and gathering, as well as different moods in a connected space.  The long and narrow building footprint led us to the creation of a flowing design in which a series of connected spaces are each punctuated by slight undulations in the surrounding walls which define them.  A bar integrates with a sculptural stair volume and forms an entry moment and waiting place prior to arrival within the main dining area.  The dining room is followed by a sushi bar, and the space finally terminates in a cigar lounge with fireplace at the very back.  The lower level can be accessed from a stair which integrates with the entry area bar, and has a more intimate and downtempo feel.  Banquette seating is accentuated by more curving walls, this time backlit and shadowcast, in order to allow for flexibility and versatility in the creation of mood via different lighting conditions.  The back of this space terminates in a private VIP lounge where patrons can hold private parties and special events.

2_restaurant floor plan

Restaurant floor plan


Entry bar and waiting area


Main dining area looking towards entry bar and coat check


Downstairs bar and lounge


Restaurant view looking toward sushi bar and back of space


Looking toward sushi bar and entry


Downstairs bar and lounge


6_section looking south

Section from entry toward back of space


5_section looking north & cigar lounge

Section from back of space toward restaurant entry, cigar lounge


4_section looking south & stair volume with bar

Section and stair volume with bar and coat check


3_restaurant section

Longitudinal section