Midtown East Plastic Surgery Annex

Studioteka was asked by a happy former medical client to gut renovate a dilapidated office across from the doctors’ main office suite into a new annex for the practice in Manhattan’s Midtown East. We provided full architecture and interiors services to create two new treatment rooms, a designated photo room, a small administrative office and additional storage. The practice’s successful plastic surgeons wanted additional rooms where patients would be able to receive treatments in a warm, inviting and luxurious spa-like environment. A visual connection between each of  the treatment rooms and the administrative office was created by the addition of clerestory glass which allows natural light to pass between the spaces in the suite. An elegant white patient chair and round doctor’s stool sit in the middle of each treatment space. Contrasting wallpapers, one with a natural texture, the other with an embossed white pattern, wrap the room, while a sleek, silver chair rail finishes the look. Sleek white cabinets were chosen to contrast with dappled gray counter tops and resilient flooring the color of warm, brown leather, while a pair of minimalist modern suspended lights brighten and warm the space. The hallway has a soothing,neutral palette with warm stone flooring and a wall unit to one side, and a row of glass sliding and barn doors to the other, allowing light from the rooms beyond to filter into the circulation space of the annex. Project Team: Vanessa Keith, Tae Hyung Kim, Anya Lee, Yuhui Huang, Manwei Wang

Treatment room with light coming from a clerestory window between two spaces

Neutral stone flooring and white hallway cabinetry seen from the middle treatment room’s double sliding glass doors

First treatment room with white patient chair and  illumination from two sleek ceiling mounted fixtures

The middle treatment room with light coming from the hallway and an adjacent administrative office

Hallway looking back towards the entry to the suite

Overhead storage above the counter unit has translucent glass doors that hinge upward for easy access to medical supplies

A white drawer for storage below a dappled gray counter top with resilient flooring in leather color completes the room’s neutral palette

Storage cabinetry in white and translucent glass with sliding door and accent wall beyond

The middle treatment room with its white patient chair and doctor’s stool, has light from the clerestory above, subtly contrasting wallpaper and silver chair rail which wraps the space

Windowed treatment room has custom draperies in a soft white fabric

Glass wall hung cabinets, white ceiling mounted fixture and clerestory window illumination