Kingston Harbour: Development Transects

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“The old adage that crisis equals danger plus opportunity may provide an apt description of the timing of our study tour in Jamaica…There is a sense of hope that if Kingstonians can come together in a capital city that is moving toward restoration, the way forward can be found. I hope that our work and the ideas put forth in this publication will make
a small contribution toward building a vibrant and sustainable future for Kingston and its people.”

The Urban Design Program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation is committed to engage the most pressing global urban issues of our time. Kingston’s Harbour was selected as a 2010 Spring Studio site because it lies at the convergence of many of these issues. Included are rapid urban growth; inequity in access to physical, economic and social infrastructure; environmental sustainability; and complexity of stakeholder relationships. The studio challenged a diverse and international student body to engage with these realities and produce ideas that could contribute positively to the current debate about the future of Kingston and its Port areas.