Caribbean Highlands

CH-Single family houseSingle family villa

Located in beautiful Costa Rica, this eco-community consists of a variety of programs including luxury condominiums, single family villas, a high end resort hotel, a guest house, a wellness and yoga retreat, a rain forest park and activities linked to the local population and the outdoors. Condo residents interact with their neighbors, crossing through the landscaped paths and nature trails in order to enjoy different amenities, such as a fitness circuit, outdoor amphitheater, and a variety of gardens and tranquil places to sit and enjoy, spread throughout the site. They are also invited to participate in the larger community through volunteering. Trails traverse the existing rainforest and knit together this active community. Hiking, jogging, and fitness combine with sitting and viewing areas spread along the winding paths. The streams and pond on the site are part of a system of constructed wetlands, collecting and harvesting rainfall, and thereby allowing the landscape to function as an ecological park. Buildings are carefully placed within the landscape and oriented to take advantage of views and cool sea breezes.
Project Team:
Vanessa Keith, Mary-Jo Schlachter, Wen Wu, Lisa Cepisul, Chao-Yu Chen, Yihui Gan, Cheolyong Kim, Tae Kim, Yubo Qiao, Snow Wang, Pablo Dominguez, Chenyang Lu.


CH-4Story building Private garden in 4 story condo


CH-Two Story Building2 story condo private entrance


CH-Condo garden_entrance2 story condo private garden and entry


CH-Penthouse Living Room and KitchenPenthouse living room and kitchen


CH-Penthouse master bedroomPenthouse master bedroom


CH-Restaurant viewHotel restaurant, bar and garden


CH-Roof deck4/6 story condo shared roof deck


CH-Typical studio living roomkitchen viewStudio/1 bedroom living room and kitchen


CH-Lounge AreaCondo clubhouse bar and lounge


CH-Clubhouse pool viewClubhouse infinity pool and tropical arboretum


CH-Nature TrailRainforest nature trail


CH-AmphitheaterCommunity amphitheater