Brickell Key Lighting Master Plan

BK_Cover pageBrickell Key Lighting Masterplan


StudioTEKA is currently working as consultant and project manager for L’Observatoire International on a lighting design masterplan for Brickell Key, a man-made island off the coast of Miami.
In this project, lighting is seen as ever changing and responsive to site conditions; artificial light at night registers the same kind of change as does the continually evolving light during the day.  It is a subtle marker of the passing of time and thus registers a cycle, as in the changing phases of the moon, tides or other natural phenomena.  In Brickell Key, the relationship of the island to the mainland is essential.  The island is an enclave, with a ring path defining its perimeter, and connected to the mainland by a bridge which serves as a threshold condition.  Our proposal links the ring path to the changing phases of the moon, registering a change from white to blue which moves around the island over the course of each lunar cycle.  The tops of the buildings have small beacon lights which also register this change in color as it rotates around the island, connecting the top and bottom datums of the site.
Project team:
Herve Descottes, Lead Lighting Designer, Vanessa Keith, Project Manager, Karolin Keilbar, Eleni Savvidou, Anna Muslimova, Lauren Cardiello and Fabian Monsalve.


21_Proposed bridge lighting scheme_view from afarProposed bridge lighting scheme _ view from afar


25_Island core lighting_night renderingIsland core lighting _ night rendering


Lighting contributes to defining an identity, an experience and a scale from within and from a distance. The lighting language expresses and dynamically responds to the requirements of each programmatic element, animating and articulating each space in response to its particular functions and qualities. From the master planning organization to the details of its components, the lighting design of Brickell Key is woven into multilayered scales in both time and space.


2_Global contextGlobal context


1_Site aerialSite aerial


5_Distruibution of space_existingDistribution of existing space


7_Blend and identity diagramsBlend an identity diagrams


9_The ring_phase 1 - duskThe ring_ Phase 1_dust


10_The ring_phase 2 - night_phase3 - midnight The ring_ Phase 2_night


11_The ring_phase 4 - early morning_phase 5 - dawn

The ring_ phase 4_ early morning


12_Rendering of nightly illumination cycleRendering of nightly illumination cycle


13_The ring_interim lighting scheme - refitted bollardsThe ring _ interim lighting scheme _ refitted bollards


3_View of the islandView of the island


8_The ring_concept renderingThe ring_concept rendering


14_The ring_detail of refitted bollardsThe ring _ detail o refitted bollards


16_The ring_proposed lighting scheme_pole fixturesThe ring _ proposed lighting scheme _ pole fixtures


22_Proposed bridge lighting scheme_plan and sectionProposed bridge lighting scheme _ plan and section


26_Island core lighting _ refitted bollardsIsland core lighting _ refitted bollards


27_Island core lighting _ refitted bollards

Island core lighting _ refitted bollards


28_Island core lighting - bollards poles ad landscape lightingIsland core lighting – bollard poles ad landscape lighting


29_Island core lighting - bollards poles ad landscape lightingIsland core lighting – bollard poles ad landscape lighting