Featured on Night Shade – 2100: Ross Island, Antarctica!

May 22, 2021

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Ross Island, Antarctica, The Year 2100:
Traveling by snowmobile down a typical street, a visitor to this outpost settlement sees a series of buildings in triangular clusters of three. The buildings are elevated on stilts above the shifting permafrost. Nearly all of the island’s 100,000 occupants work in some sort of research:⍣ Volcanologists harnessing energy, Marine Biologists testing sea lion milk samples, Glaciologists measuring moraines. If you were to take everyone who isn’t tied down, they would fall to the bottom of the planet. A motley crew encountering one another at the edge of the Earth; where PhD’s wash dishes and linguists take up residence on a continent with no language.❅

⍣ 2100: A Dystopian Utopia The City After Climate Change / Vanessa Keith, StudioTEKA
❅ Encounters at the End of the World / Werner Herzog