Catch 2100: New York in a storm – proceed to new VR updates here!

June 25, 2021

Check out the latest updates on our New York site in Gowanus, Brooklyn for 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in VR! New York, being a part of the eastern seaboard of the United States is now a hotspot for superstorms, increasing in regularity in 2100. To counteract this, storm-surge barriers are deployed along the mouth of the canal while secondary barriers lie at the shoreline inflate in response to to rising waters. The final layer of protection is the sponge park, with its soft edges of planting and permeable surfaces along the water’s edge, which acts to absorb the remaining water. The park around the canal is sloped and contoured to allow for any overflow to collect in designated areas in order to prevent damage of New York’s most historically valuable buildings and cutting edge green energy infrastructure. Beneath the surface of the water are tidal turbines that generate power from the currents along the soft-edge boundary of the designated energy park. Utilizing similar strategies to Manila, the Philippines, New York has become the energy capture powerhouse of the western hemisphere.