Studioteka Construction Progress Walk Through for Elevenses Pastry Cafe in Long Island City!

October 2, 2019

Team Studioteka met with the crew to check construction progress on Elevenses, the fantastic new pastry cafe we are designing from scratch in Long Island City! Next week we pour the floor slab, so plumbing coordination is key to ensure our commercial kitchen design will be as perfect and flawless as the elegant pastries our client creates. This project is an exciting one for us, because we share a common vision for sustainability with our client. Check back here for more updates!

The view from inside the space to the street beyond.
All of the under slab plumbing work has been put in place. But coordination is key to making sure that it lines up with our custom commercial kitchen design for the space before any concrete gets poured.
We loved the original brick that forms a portal around what will be the storefront window and entry door, so have decided to work it into the design.
Checking the location of the grease trap and ensuring that the pipes align with the correct locations in the design drawings.
Looking up is as important as looking down when you’re on site! We’re currently coordinating sprinkler head locations and HVAC with our consultants so that all of the building systems work seamlessly and are integrated into the design.
Studioteka team taking field measurements to make sure that everything is in alignment!
Our window has glass in it, but isn’t completely finished. Loving the contrast between new and old in this photo, and the elevated train and street beyond!
The renovated commercial building seen from outside. Just imagining the aroma of freshly baked pastry drawing people into our beautiful space. Stay tuned!
Rough construction shot framing a street scene in front of the building. Everything’s starting to come together!