Studioteka Team Stops Traffic in DUMBO!

July 19, 2018

Team Studioteka did our usual summer walk through DUMBO to see the sights and take a few shots in the office and outside. It’s a neighborhood filled with amazing architecture and stunning view corridors, and judging by the number of tourists on the streets, word is definitely getting out! Got an amazing idea you’d like to throw our way? Reach out to us at info ‘at’ studioteka ‘dot’ com and see how we can help make your dream a reality!

Hello World!

The DUMBO waterfront never fails to impress (Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan in the distance)!

Our team motto: yes!

Our intrepid photographer (and IT expert!) found us a great spot right under the Manhattan Bridge!

The Team with bridge seen from further up Washington Street (artisanal ice cream truck is Peak Brooklyn!)

Green architecture! Urban forest with Manhattan Bridge backdrop! Thanks to our photo/IT guy for suggesting this location.

Brooklyn Bridge down the (cobblestone) street (stopping traffic again!)

Architects in front of DUMBO architecture!

In-house brainstorming session!

Dreaming and scheming!

Who said work couldn’t be fun too?

These two!

The studio is full of good vibes and creativity

Hard at work dreaming up great spaces for our clients

Cheddar bunnies help with the inspiration!

Design schemes progress session

Our medical office interiors crew!

In our meeting space where we do presentations

And in our workspace where we dream up great new ideas!

The conclusion of another great in-house review!