Waterfront Revitalization


Studioteka was asked to provide feasibility study and design services for a high profile downtown waterfront revitalization project in Jamaica. The project involves a waterfront streetscape revitalization and the creation of an entertainment district, a new marina with luxury residential units, a new waterfront park and pier, and commercial and office space, as well as proposing improvements to area housing and the creation of small business incubators and skills training. Protecting coastal Jamaica from the potentially devastating impact of increasingly powerful storms due to climate change, as well as forging a path towards more inclusive development which considers the needs of all of the various stakeholders in the project area was an important consideration in this work, which was presented to the government.
Studioteka Project Team:
Vanessa Keith, Sangyun Lee, Soo Youn Lim, Mary Jo Schlachter, Phillip Song, Stefan Stanojevic, Youyi Wang




4_Water Lane from Mark LaneWater Lane from Mark Lane






5_Lifestyle centerLifestyle center


6_Kingston Mall InteriorKingston Mall Interior