Flatiron Marketing Offices

14-resized  View from workstations


Located in Manhattan, this 3,100 square foot space for an innovative, cutting edge marketing firm, is a different take on the urban workplace.  The project combines fluid custom workstations specifically tailored to the firm’s dynamic working style, as well as spaces for creative encounters that allow for chance meetings and informal discussions.  The entry is framed on one side by a curved dj booth and waiting area, and on the other by a reception area.  This area is the start of a custom wall which also incorporates a kitchen with a bar height table for informal meetings, workstations, and a production area.  Adjacent to the kitchen is a lounge pod with a partial surrounding wall which provides another space for collaboration. In this way we energize the entry sequence, and provide visitors with an experience of the dynamic interaction that has made the company so successful.  Taking inspiration from a pinball machine, the partners’ offices form an island in the middle of the space, flanked by workstations for the various creative teams, which are organized by project and also by volume.  A large conference room sits adjacent to this space as one of the few enclosed moments in the plan.
Project Team:
Vanessa Keith, Gaby Alvarez, Ruud Van Hemert, Stijn Van Oorschot, Veronica Zabala.


Lighting Design:
Eleni Savvidou.  Photography by Pure Reflections Photography, Karamat Hess and Elizabeth Proctor, and Vanessa Keith.


Project featured in Hinge Magazine, Vol. 175_38, Folio: http://www.studioteka.com/image_files/hingemag_1.jpg
For the magazine’s website see: www.hinge.hk
Project also featured online in Frame Magazine as a Daily Dose of Designhttp://www.framemag.com/iframe/?module=news/473


13_view from workstations to partner officesView from workstations


16_inside of partner office A Inside of partner office


25_view of kitchen and custom wall Kitchen view from entrance


2_kitchen and entry zone Kitchen and entrance


8-resizedCustom pod-seating area


6_custom pod seating area Custom pod-seating area


1_dj booth and seating area at entry DJ booth and seating area


9_view to office from dj boothInside the DJ booth



Design process