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2100: A Dystopian Utopia

Fast forward to the year 2100. New York, along with Phoenix, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Manila, and many more of the world’s most populated cities, is irrevocably changed.  Much of the earth’s great middle swath is subject to droughts, wildfires, and desertification, while increasingly frequent super storms plague coastal areas, destroying precious agricultural lands by bringing seawater far inland. Where in the world shall we live, and what will our built environments be like?  The study envisions design solutions for a planet that will be more densely populated, subject to an array of environmental challenges, and significantly warmer, by an average of 4°C.

The future the book envisions is dystopian but the work is utopian, in that it sees the best in human potential rising to the occasion. 2100 serves not as a prediction, but rather as a warning and a call to action.  It offers architecture’s response to climate change’s most challenging scenarios with design solutions that suggest the profound adaptability of the design field to meet environmental challenges in the future. Through 2100: A Dystopian Utopia, Vanessa Keith and StudioTEKA visualize possible design solutions to suggest the profound adaptability and possibilities of the design field to meet environmental challenges in the future. The issue is framed by noted sociologist, Saskia Sassen, with her preface and advocacy of “delegating back to the biosphere”. Available as UR3 of Terreform’s Urban Research series: http://www.urpub.org/shop/2100-a-dystopian-utopia

CH-Single family house

Caribbean Highlands

Located in beautiful Costa Rica, this eco-community consists of a variety of programs including luxury condominiums, single family villas, a high end resort hotel, a guest house, a wellness and yoga retreat, a rain forest park and activities linked to the local population and the outdoors. Condo residents interact with their neighbors, crossing through the landscaped paths and nature trails in order to enjoy different amenities, such as a fitness circuit, outdoor amphitheater, and a variety of gardens and tranquil places to sit and enjoy, spread throughout the site. They are also invited to participate in the larger community through volunteering. Trails traverse the existing rainforest and knit together this active community. Hiking, jogging, and fitness combine with sitting and viewing areas spread along the winding paths. The streams and pond on the site are part of a system of constructed wetlands, collecting and harvesting rainfall, and thereby allowing the landscape to function as an ecological park. Buildings are carefully placed within the landscape and oriented to take advantage of views and cool sea breezes.

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Waterfront Revitalization

Studioteka was asked to provide feasibility study and design services for a high profile downtown waterfront revitalization project in Jamaica. The project involves a waterfront streetscape revitalization and the creation of an entertainment district, a new marina with luxury residential units, a new waterfront park and pier, and commercial and office space, as well as proposing improvements to area housing and the creation of small business incubators and skills training. Protecting coastal Jamaica from the potentially devastating impact of increasingly powerful storms due to climate change, as well as forging a path towards more inclusive development which considers the needs of all of the various stakeholders in the project area was an important consideration in this work, which was presented to the government.

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